About Us
We established our mechanical specialty in 1996, which caters not only to domestic vehicles, but all foreign cars as well. The technician that performs these services is ASE Certified in twenty phases of the automotive mechanical field.  
We later realized the need for local towing, and expanded by adding towing and roadside assistance to the surrounding community in 1998. To further accommodate our customers, we thought it necessary to open a Massachusetts Vehicle Check Inspection Station, formerly referred to as Mass State Inspection Station. In operation since 2005, we inspect everything from passenger vehicles to large diesel and commercial trucks and trailers.

Here at 1812 Paint & Body, our staff is dedicated to providing our customers with a full range of automotive needs. We are proud to be able to serve our clients with accuracy, speed, and great quality of work. We truly believe you, as the customer, should have total peace of mind. We take great pride in the services provided, and strive to create lasting relationships.

130 Spring Street
Florence, MA 01062